Confirmed Sponsors

The organisers are grateful for the support of the following sponsors.

Rank Prize supports talented researchers with grants and studentships, focusing on funding in the fields of nutrition and optoelectronics—two disciplines upon which the founder, Lord Rank, built his businesses.

Perception and its open-access sister journal i-Perception, by SAGE Publishing, have been supporting the ECVP for years. SAGE is a global academic publisher of books, journals, and a growing suite of library products and services. SAGE focuses on publishing impactful research and enabling robust research methodology.

Open Science Tools are the creators of PsychoPy and Pavlovia, providing tools and consultancy services. The company is a Social Enterprise with a mission to facilitate and promote Open Science with high-quality, minimal-cost tools. Revenue from usage of Pavlovia and consultancy (if you’re short on time we can build your next study ready for you) goes directly to building better tools, and to keeping PsychoPy free forever!

SR Research has been exclusively dedicated to supporting and responding to the needs of the eye-tracking research community. Their eye-tracking experts work closely with eye-tracking researchers to enable scientific exploration in a variety of domains. The hallmark of their eye-tracking systems is uncompromising data quality, and their unparalleled commitment to customer service is driven by their passion to play their part in facilitating the important work pursued by their users.

VPixx logo with strapline: Vision Science Solutions

For over two decades, VPixx Technologies has been a trusted provider of hardware and software solutions for vision scientists. Their VIEWPixx series research-grade displays, DATAPixx video I/O hubs and TRACKPixx eye trackers are meticulously engineered to meet the needs of the research community. Their flagship product, the PROPixx 1440 Hz projector, is suitable for research in behavioural and MRI/MEG/OPM environments; it is the world’s only research-ready solution for high-speed applications in neuroimaging, including rapid invisible frequency tagging (RIFT). VPixx systems and accessories are modular and designed to work seamlessly together to provide microsecond-precise, fully deterministic timing and automated video synchronization. Their hardware is supported by the LabMaestro software suite and APIs for MATLAB and Python. Contact a VPixx staff scientist today to find out more about how VPixx Vision Science Solutions can advance your research!

With Gorilla Experiment Builder, you can design, host and run reliable experiments online – without code. Gorilla is the all-in-one platform for surveys, reaction time tasks, games, shops and multiplayer studies. It enables you to collect high quality data fast from large, diverse samples and is the perfect tool for Experimental Psychologists and Behavioural Scientists. Gorilla is fully supported by a dedicated team of behavioural scientists and software engineers and it’s completely free to sign up.

At Pupil Labs, we build eye-tracking hardware and software. Our latest eye tracker, Neon, is modular and adapts to your research needs. We have a solution for almost all requirements, whether you do research with kids, in a quiet lab, climbing a mountain, or venturing into virtual realms. Neon uses deep learning algorithms to provide you with robust, accurate, and precise gaze and pupil data. It performs well in all environments, from complete darkness to direct sunlight. It works with all subjects, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, eye make-up, or contact lenses—no problem! Our technology is open and accessible and seamlessly integrates with your existing toolkit: LSL, PsychoPy, MATLAB, and more. Over the last 10 years, we have developed strong relationships in academic research and have a dedicated team of specialists to help you achieve your research goals.

The Colour Group (Great Britain), founded in 1940, is an interdisciplinary society that draws together people interested in all aspects of colour – its perception, measurement, reproduction and artistic expression. Monthly meetings are held, mostly in London, usually from October to May and provide a unique forum for the exchange of information and contacts.

Magic Leap combines industry-leading optics, scalable production, and AI capabilities for immersive AR experiences.



Prospective Sponsors

Sponsorship of this self-financing conference is essential for keeping registration costs low, ensuring attendance by a diverse group of researchers from as many institutions as possible. Our sponsorship package uses a tiered system of sponsorship, ranging from Bronze through to Platinum. To find out more about sponsorship opportunities, please check the sponsorship brochure below.

The committee is also happy to consider tailored sponsorship packages, depending on your organisation’s needs.
To discuss options, please contact ecvp2024@abdn.ac.uk.