First and foremost, ECVP is a vibrant scientific community. ECVP 2024 will introduce a series of roundtable discussions to tackle some important debates in academia and scientific research in general.

From the 26th of August until the 29th, on each day of the conference, we will have two parallel roundtables at P&J Live from 12pm to 1pm (lunch time), where a panel of speakers will discuss with the ECVP audience some important issues in academia.

Below, you can find the planned roundtables:

1) Vision science and climate change
led by Prof Simon Rushton
(Cardiff University)

2) Data collection on online platforms: Challenges and future developments?
led by Dr Clare Sutherland
(University of Aberdeen)

3) Out of the lab and into the world: Interdisciplinary approaches in applied vision research
led by Prof Benjamin Wolfe and Prof Anna Kosovicheva
(University of Toronto)

4) How can we make effective and responsible use of generative AI help to progress vision science research?
led by Dr Sophie Nightingale
(University of Lancaster)

5) Pursuing an academic career: Perspectives and insights
led by Prof Ben Tatler
(University of Aberdeen)

6) Pursuing a career in industry: Perspectives and insights
led by Prof Arash Sahraie
(University of Aberdeen)

7) The future of perception science and philosophy in the age of transformer AIs: Phenomenology, epistemology, consciousness
led by Dr Dhanraj Vishwanath
(University of St Andrews)

8) PhD pathways: Navigating challenges and embracing opportunities
led by Dr Ana Rozman and Prof Patric Bach
(University of Sussex and University of Aberdeen)