Recent global challenges have made networking particularly difficult for students. Between the fallout from the pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis, and other ongoing events, students have fewer and fewer opportunities to attend conferences, build their networks, and make scientific connections.
On Monday 26th, we would like to reig-nite our wonderful ECVP student community with a social event organised by students for students: a Perceptio-nite!

What to expect:

Venue: A large bar in Aberdeen city center.
Who is Invited: All student ECVPers, undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD-students.
How Will It Work: We are planning a networking activity designed for early career vision scientists. Participation is entirely voluntary—please come along even if organised networking sounds boring or terrifying. We’ll keep things very informal—there is no expectation that everyone will be doing the same thing.

We really hope this will be an evening of dynamite connections and the start to a wonderful conference experience. Together, we’ll make Perceptio-nite a night to remember! The event is free to attend, but as it will take place in a bar, you may want to buy a drink or a snack.

Places are limited, so please express your interest during our sign-up process in May.