General Information

The ECVP is an annual international conference that aims to provide a forum for presenting and discussing new developments in the disciplines of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Cognitive Sciences, related to the scientific study of visual perception. Empirical, theoretical, and applied perspectives are all encouraged. Since 1978, the ECVP has been a unique and lively conference that attracts researchers from all over the world, making it one of the largest international conferences in the field. Please note that this year’s ECVP in Aberdeen will be an in-person meeting only.

ECVP 2024 will start on Sunday the 25th of August with a series of tutorials taking place in the morning and early afternoon.
Tutorials will be held at the University of Aberdeen, King’s Campus. The Perception Keynote Lecture will take place on Sunday evening at Aberdeen’s Music Hall (located in the city centre) and will be followed by the Opening Reception.

From the 26th of August until the 29th, all symposia, talk sessions, poster sessions and keynote lectures will be taking place at the conference centre P&J Live. The conference centre is a 20-25 min bus ride away from the city centre.

On Monday (26th of August) a Whisky Tasting will take place during, and stretching beyond, the afternoon poster session.
Please make sure that you buy your tokens during registration as there will only be a very limited number available on the day!
In the evening, we have organised a networking event for student attendees in the city centre (Perceptio-Nite).

Tuesday (27th of August) afternoon will feature the Spotlight Lecture – a new format targeted at presenting recent innovative and influential findings and/or methods in vision science by an early or mid-career researcher. The evening will see the traditional Illusion Night at Aberdeen’s Art Gallery (city centre), a short walk away from a large number of pubs and restaurants.

Wednesday (28th of August) afternoon will feature the traditional Rank Prize Lecture and, in the evening, the Conference Dinner will take place at the Beach Ballroom, located next to Aberdeen’s stunning beach front and a walkable distance from the city centre.

Finally, the conference will conclude on Thursday (29th of August) with the Farewell Party and a Ceilidh Dance at a former church (Union Kirk) located in the centre of the city.

Note that the Visual Science of Art Conference (VSAC) will be hosted on the Old Aberdeen Campus of the University of Aberdeen between the 22nd and the 24th of August 2024 (preceding ECVP).

Our Logo

To find a suitable banner and logo for ECVP 2024 in Aberdeen, we held a logo competition in Spring 2023. We had plenty of creative submissions from our students and staff and consequently had a hard time deciding which one to choose. Our banner is based on a submission by one of our postgraduate students, Naomi Lee. Naomi had the idea of using the Hermann grid illusion and incorporating iconic items representing Scotland.

Many of the logo submissions we received had one idea in common: including an image of the Highland Cow (or, in Scots, and as it is known in Aberdeenshire, the “Highland Coo”). We believed the coo featured so frequently because of its iconic hairdo, it may have some serious issues with visual perception – but research on this seems to be missing. In the final logo, we placed the Highland Coo on the tartan representing the University of Aberdeen.

The background photograph of the Heather Covered Hills in Aberdeenshire (Mar Lodge Estate in the Cairngorms National Park) featuring on the landing page of our ECVP website was taken by James C Richardson, with permission.