Illusion Night Contributions

The Illusion Night will take place at the Aberdeen Art Gallery in the city centre on the evening of Tuesday the 27th of August.
This event will be open to all ECVP attendees as well as to the general public.

Please note that we are not just looking for novel visual illusions nobody has seen before but would also encourage you to bring some old-time favourites that never fail to impress!

Required information for illusions and demonstrations

  • Title
  • Description and explanation for why people should see it (maximum 300 words; feel free to write less if preferred)
  • Names, affiliation, and contact information of the presenters
  • Requests for equipment (e.g., projectors, big flat screens, dark/separate room)
  • Please submit your contributions to by the 1st of July.

Each illusion and demo presenter is responsible for bringing their equipment, setting up their demos (this can be done in the late afternoon beforeĀ opening), and clearing it at the end of the event.
A table, electrical outlets, and poster boards can be provided for each demo. Please specify everything you need for your presentation in your application, and we will do our best to accommodate you.